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In January of 2022, The Ben Jones Foundation was launched by Ben Jones of the Calgary Flames organization. Since its origination, the foundation serves to directly benefit children of all backgrounds, allowing them to further connect with the sports they love while helping their families overcome some of the financial challenges associated.


Founder, Ben Jones, grew up in Waterloo, Ontario and played hockey and soccer through various Waterloo programs. Fortunately enough, Jones’s family was able overcome the financial commitments that came with him wanting to pursue his passions. Throughout his youth, participating in sport taught him valuable lessons and exposed him to various situations in which he believes wouldn't have happened if he had not been participating. 


“I learned how to work as a team, and problem solve with teammates. I also learned the importance of healthy active living, and I made lifelong friends with people I played with when I was just 7 years old,” writes Jones. “I realized very early on that not everyone was this fortunate and that some families simply couldn’t make it work. In realizing this I thought to myself how unfair this was.” Now, fulfilling his dreams of becoming a professional hockey player, Jones remains hard at work off the ice to do his part in helping families overcome financial challenges.


The Ben Jones Foundation raises money through e-commerce sales, donations, and an annual charity golf tournament, typically hosted in the lower provinces of Canada. The money raised by these programs directly benefits families in need to help with registration and equipment fees for their kids to participate in dance or sports programs of their choice.

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– Ben Jones

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